Welcome to Kickin’ Pickles!

Welcome to Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles! Thank you for visiting our site! You can also see what’s happening on our Facebook page (upcoming events, sales, and specials). If you have any questions or comments please use the contact form or call or text me, Holly Kurzhal, at 541-517-7308.

Did you know we do FREE local deliveries for FREE! (25 miles from Noti)

My deliveries day are Wednesdays from 10-6. Just order here on our ‘shop’ site, and we will get it to you the next available Wednesday by porch drop! (Please call to schedule a delivery time if that day doesn’t work.) We know shipping can be expensive for our heavy glass filled jars, but we sure appreciate you loving our product so much that you are willing to get them shipped directly to your doorstep! We use USPS flat rate shipping which gets you about 3 jars for $17.10 and 4-5 jars for $22.80, depending on size of jar.

Here is a little bit more about us: We, Matt and Holly, started our business in 2011, when my daughter was just 2 years old. It began by making just 60 jars of our flagship jalapeno dill pickles. Dad, Matt’s dad, Mark, had made them for years from his mother, (Matt’s grandma) Jean’s Garlic dill recipe… but adding that extra kick of jalapeno and red chili flakes. We just loved those pickles and asked for them every time we saw him! So it was time for us to make our own… Of course, we shared our specialty pickles that we were so proud of and our friends went crazy over them, begging us to sell them!

In 2012, we made a few hundred jars, which we thought was a lot…and we went to our first Veneta Farmers Market to sell our pickles. They went over very well and we were sold out before Christmas. We decided it was time to truly make this passion our business. We attended the acidified foods class at Oregon State University and began our journey through all the FDA paperwork and ODA inspections.

11+ Years later, here we are, growing steadily, growing thousands of pounds of home grown and organic cucumbers, and sourcing organic product and ingredients to make the best line up of pickled goods for you! Many thanks to our faithful customers like you, we can keep moving forward!! Our goal is to start having local, organic farmers grow cucumbers for us soon so that we can focus on producing quality pickles.

As you may already know, our pickles are made the old fashioned way, with apple cider vinegar, salt and organic spices. Our goal is to supply you with a quality product that is additive-free with a unique homemade flavor that stands out from the rest. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! We make all our products Gluten free (Even the Teriyaki Shiitake mushrooms) so you can feel great when you eat them!

Thank you for your continued support of our family business,

Holly, Matt, Matia, Silas, and Brier